HR3 is a phototherapy device that improves the health of hair and its look. Properly used, it reduces hair loss and restores part of the loss hair as well as the improvement of color, thickness and brightness. HR3 uses LLLT Laser (Low Level Laser Therapy), that is to say its technology is based on laser diodes of low power widely proved on the hair loss treatment.

HR3 achieves optimal results in both men and women. HR3 should not be used by pregnant women and children under 16 years of age without prescription. It is also not indicated for people with infectious processes or suffering from diseases of sensitivity to light.

It is an effective alternative to the treatment, control and prevention of androgenic alopecia. This type of baldness is marked by natural hair loss because of age and furthermore by the loss of hair quality that becomes thinner, weak, dull and dry. HR3 can be combined with other treatments.

The LLLT technology of HR3 is certified by Food and Drugs and ANVISA and also by hundreds of scientific studies have proved its effectiveness in different illness and not only for hair loss. See some reputed studies on or

HR3, unlike other LLLT solutions on the market, allows to customize the treatment to the advancement of alopecia patient, thus ensuring that the patient is exposed to the ideal dose of light, which are 2 joules per cm2. This dose is the necessary and essential for the recovery and rejuvenation of the hair.

Results begin to appear as of 6-8 weeks after use. The loss of hair will begin to significantly reduce and hair, which did not fall out, will start a process of rejuvenation. Hair will be firmer, thick and bright. After some weeks, individual hairs will start growing quicker and greyer.

The recovery of hair loss starts around 16 weeks after use but it depends on the atrophy degree of follicles before starting the treatment. Over time, hair follicles become retracted, decrease, lose vitality and finally they atrophy and die. Once they have died, they cannot recover but they can if they are still alive however you must begin the treatment as soon as possible in case you want to achieve the best results.

HR3 and all treatments for alopecia, without exception, are affected by individual aspects of the patient such as: the intrinsic and temporal evolution of the problem, genetic inheritance, the general health of the patient, nutrition or hormonal changes, among others.
Photo-Biostimulation uses very low doses of light which are not dangerous to the area of exposure or to general health. This light does not have any ultraviolet or ionizing radiation which is dangerous for human beings.

On the other hand, it is important to know that overdoses (one session after the other) do not make quicker results but overburden the response capacity of cells. In any case, the correct use of HR3 represent a considerable reduction of any problem it is therefore appropriate to always follow the indications marked by the dermatologist or trichologist.