1/ Diagnosis and medical hair treatment for both men and women

Medical treatment for hair for men and women
Tratamiento capilar para hombres y mujeres

The physician will diagnose the type of alopecia and choose the best treatment for hair loss in both men and women. Once the hair treatment has been determined in clinic, the physician will prescribe a treatment consisting of two products that are explained in step 2 and 3. The physician will determine the frequencies and time of the treatment.

HR3 works actively together with a medical specialists or trichologists in order to obtain the best results for the hair, therefore we rely on the discretion of the specialist in the way Hr3 will be more effective for the patient. Hr3 is not a single infallible formula for any patient but in contrast to other solutions in the market, it has the ability to adapt to each case.

There are a lot of possible solutions to treat hair loss: treatments with carboxytherapy, Platele-rich plasma (PRP), mesotherapy, treatments with Minoxidil, Dutasteride and/or Finasteride. You may be doing or thinking about doing one of these treatments, if so, Hr3 is essential to complement a medical treatment because optimizes and ensures the obtained results.

If your physician does not know HR3, we can contact with him/her and give all information needed for assessment or we can assign for free a medical specialist or trichologist as with HR3 pack, we include a diagnosis.

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