Hr3 Method. Including medical supervision!

Treatment for hair restoration and regrowth

Hr3 is a regenerator method that achieves to restore the hair growth for both men and women in 3 steps where patient and physician work synchronously.

In the first stage the physician has to diagnose the patient’s alopecia type and how to restore the hair growth and assig a program at home with Hr3 laser device to reach the stated objectives. Patient, therefore, will perform the treatment for hair loss, regrowth and hair restoration at home with and easy and convenient way.

If patient is receiving a hair treatment in the clinic, Hr3 Method is essential to complement the medical treatment because optimizes and ensures maintenance of the obtained results, not only for hair restoration but also for hair growth. Contact us for possibilities and results!

With Hr3 Pack, we include all you need to carry out Hr3 Method: Diagnosis and treatment by a medical specialist or trichologist, Hr3 device, Hairox Plus for 3 months and telephone support included.

Know in which these steps consist