Fase 3: Tratamiento nutricosmético para la caída del cabello
Step 3: Hairox Plus for hair loss

Hairox Plus is an exclusive nutraceutical of high purity specially indicated for hair loss and thinning hair in men and women that brings high concentrations of essential amino acid groups which are deficient in diet but strong needed for suitable pilosebaceous follicle state and thus treat the loss and hair thinning.

Hairox plus is a nutricosmetic that inhibits the negative effects of the enzyme 5a reductase which causes the testosterone conversion into dihydrotestosterone and produces enough collagen fibers and elastin that will help for a good shell anchor which supports men and women hair fiber.

This hair supplement treats androgenic alopecia, alopecia caused by malnutrition and by stress. It is indicated for hair loss in both men and women.

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HR3 is an integral treatment for hair loss and thinning hair

HR3 is a hair method that treats hair loss in both men and women in 3 steps where both physician and patient actively intervene synchronously.

In step 1 physician diagnoses and prescribes the home treatment with HR3. Furthermore, if there is a previous treatment for hair loss and hair thinning in clinic, HR3 method is essential to optimize and ensures the obtained results.

HR3 pack includes all you need to carry out this hair method: diagnosis by a medical specialist or trichologist, HR3 laser device, Hairox plus as a hair supplement for 3 months and telephone support included.

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